Saturday, July 31, 2010


But I'm alive. And engaged! :D

John proposed at the beginning of June, and we're very excited. :) Since we're currently living in different cities, we've chosen to hold off on making definitive wedding plans until we're living in the same state (go figure :P). I'm hoping to save up some money here to make it out to New Jersey by the beginning of next year. I've started a few engagement/marriage musings of my own over here. Check it out.

As far as art, I recently started working with an interior designer named April Meredith who just opened a boutique in my town called "No Good Riding Hood", and she's asked me to design and illustrate a full-color, full-page ad to be run in Cue Magazine next month--she has a monthly deal with them, so this could definitely indicate more work in the future. I'm excited! I've made about twenty thumbnails so far--which are way too tiny and impossible to understand (unless you're me) to post them here. But once April looks over them and I can draw up a few complete sketches, I'll post them.

There is also a loose plan to start making Baby Gaga more of a presence...maybe t-shirts?

Otherwise, I've been working about 30 hours a week selling expensive designer clothing to very wealthy women, and will soon be joining up at a restaurant. Gotta fund this wedding somehow.