Monday, August 16, 2010

Still without a scanner...

What am I good for?

Despite my lack of hardware, my art career has been somewhat booming in my tiny town. My interior designer job with "No Good Riding Hood" has been moving along nicely. Here's a first look at the little mock-up I made for her of a business card-sized ad she wants for (the very new) Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine:

Obviously Little Red is NOT going to be a 10-second Photoshop Blob. :P I just placed it there to fill the space for effect. Both the "Good" and "by April Meredith" will be hand-lettered--again, the type is just for show. (I would never actually use that Curlz-esque font. /artschoolpretense)

After seeing this (and the black version of the mock-up), April chose--awesomely--to chat with another boutique in town, Spoiled Chics, and mentioned my name. She called to tell me that they were interested in using me for a few ads of their own, so I went in and introduced myself. We talked about some stuff they wanted me to do regarding ads, and that went well.

But, even better, when the owner Cora sent me an e-mail today with jpgs of their logo to use, she had CC'd me on an e-mail to Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine, recommending me and my work to them! I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle all of this with my full-time job at the restaurant, but I'll make it work! What I REALLY need is a scanner...

In personal news, my Mom got married! We're all really psyched, although the house has been an absolute labyrinth from her new husband moving in--he has more stuff than I thought one person could accumulate!

More soon--maybe I can get Mom to get me an interim scanner while she's at work tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!