Monday, September 13, 2010

Job Searching...

I've made the official decision on moving to New Jersey, both to be closer to John and to New York City, which has far more to offer me, art career-wise, than Sewickley/Pittsburgh, PA does.

So, here I am, loaded up on browser tabs marking about a dozen design/illustration jobs around NJ/NY that I qualify for, and I'm drafting several cover letters. (I must say, even if it's tedious, I'm pretty good at cranking them out.)

I also decided to jump-start my art, so I'm going to start participating on Illustration Friday! It's the motivation I've needed after a decidedly uninspirational summer.

Of course, nearly simultaneous to this decision, our newly-installed scanner died.

So, my interpretation of IF's prompt of the week--Proverb--will have to wait. More soon!